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LiquidGold Africa is an exciting high growth company in the circular economy for sanitation waste with unique dry sanitation solutions. Our focus is to save our planet’s resources, reduce our customers operation costs and create new products from toilet resources (human waste) in a simple and cost effective manner. Enabling a valuable self-sustaining system while protecting our environment.

Vision And Mission

To ensure access to decent water, sanitation and food security for generations to come. To conserve our precious resources on which all life depends through creative and innovative clean technology

Impact: clean water and sanitation, gender equality, responsible consumption and production, zero hunger.

Problem: Corporates, schools, communities and the environment are under extreme pressure from the water crisis, outdated sanitation technology, sewage overload and nitrogen pollution that has a costly affect.


Experts in Dry Sanitation & Resource recovery


A Waterless Urinal waste system cartridge that can be retrofitted to any existing urinal and contains a unique one way valve that prevents odours, blockages and floods.


A unique gender neutral urinate only toilet that is the evolution of female sanitation, dry, safe and private and no interaction contributes towards better hygiene and end user experience.


Our container is a 100% waterless, gender neutral, urinate only facility for males and Females. Waste is diverted into collection tanks onsite and is treated using our reactor to create a by-product for agricultural application.


A nutrient recovery reactor that helps save on chemical and waste disposal costs, which creates a new revenue stream through the sale of high value recovered fertilizer.

PureGold(Waterless Hand sanitizer)

A Perfect pocket size bottle great for schools bags, cars, desktops. NOT JUST FOR HANDS!

The waterless  hand Sanitizer can also be used as an effective sterilizing spray for ATM’s, dining tables, hotel remotes, light switches and other germy objects, best part it is 80% alcohol based which is recommended by WHO, especially for our CORV-19 epidemic


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55 million Litres of water Saved

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