The Diamond Reactor

Returning nutrients back to the earth from Urine

An Automated Nutrient Recovery system which recovers high value fertilizer from toilets resources focused on urine.  The toilet resource urine is further treated to produce safe, clean water and ensures no pathogens without the need for connections to sewers, treatment plants, water supplies or continuous electricity.

This compact, portable, and self-contained system with a capacity designed for schools, factories, public transport, mines, urban and peri urban settlements or other community buildings.  A true off-grid solution, the DIAMOND uses solar panels to power the complete removal of pathogens from wastewater.

With Smart monitoring options the system can be remotely managed for optimal PH levels, Water levels and potential monitoring of outbreaks of communal diseases.

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Why Urine?

Urine contains 80% of the plant nutrients found in our wastewater, while faeces contains the majority of the carbon and potential pathogens.

By managing the two streams of excreta separately, we can safely return the nutrients from the urine back to the fields to produce more food.

Daily excretion of feces is 0.5 L per person a day, but urine is 1-3 L per person a day.

Separate management and treatment is especially advantageous with our approach. .

Once implemented worldwide, recycled urine will  replace nearly a quarter of all the synthetic nitrogen fertilizer used in agriculture.

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Why Us?

The Diamond reactor:

We gain 1kg from every 98 Litres treated of dry fertilizer.

Our system is hybrid and applicable in urban and rural environmental.

Our system is completely automated and will yield continuous results regardless of environment.

Direct impact on carbon emission.

Easy to use and install

Unlocking natural potential for
sustainable farming.

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